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This is a 12X12" wood canvas paint poured painting using the dutch pour method.

I have used acrylic paints mixed to the proper fluidity to achieve this method that uses a hair dryer to move the paint into a beautiful configuration that I perceive is the most beautiful. I also use my mouth or a straw to blow some areas to bring out colors that haven't come out to the surface to finish & add the final touches. The base color is a deep violet with touches of turquoise and magenta that is softly blended here and there on the base. It gives it a dreamy sort of background look to it.

I sealed this piece with resin, which gives paintings depth and also makes the colors pop.

All my paintings are guaranteed to be colorful & vibrant.

**It is recommended on All paintings to Not place paintings in a direct beam of the sun due to UV damage and fading.

It is perfectly fine to place it in a sunlit room, just not in a direct beam.

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