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"Romance Reaction" Framed

"Romance Reaction" Framed

11x14" paint poured painting on a canvas board. Which I framed for you on a beautiful medium colored wood professional frame that is

14x 18.5" big. It really sets this painting off in show casing this one of a kind piece of Art. That is the beauty of paint t pouring. The paints flow together differently every time you pour them.

I used the Dutch pour method where you use a blow dryer to move your paints around to a pleasing configuration I like. I then use my mouth or a straw to move some paints a bit more to showcase the best colors that come out. I used many blue hues, magenta, cadmium yellow, pink, & maroon as the contrast colors that made this painting pop.

I sealed this painting with resin. I like resin because it gives your paintings depth and brings out the colors even more vibrantly.

**It is recommended for all paintings to NOT be

placed in a direct beam of sunlight due to UV damage or fading.

***It is perfectly fine to place in a sunlit room, just not in a direct beam of the sun.

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