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"My Heart Is Yours" SOLD

"My Heart Is Yours" SOLD

9x9" wood heart that I have paint poured in my home studio. I have used acrylic paints mixed with a fluid extender and a bit of water to make the paint the right consistency to Pour with the Dutch pour method. This method is processed by using a blow dryer to blow the paint in a fashion to get the best possible configuration and satisfaction to me. I also use my mouth and a straw to blow certain areas & tweak these areas to bring up all the colors to my satisfaction. It is a fun process & the painting comes alive right before your eyes while creating. I have sealed this heart with resin.

This is a one of a kind painting, this is due to the paints flowing differently every time you pour them, your creativity, weather, environment, etc.

**It is NOT recommended to place any kind of painting in a direct beam of the sun due to UV damage or fading. It is perfectly fine to place them in a sunlit room, just not a direct beam of the sun.

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