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"My Heart Is Yours"

"My Heart Is Yours"

9" paint poured wood heart, 1" thick.

I have used premium several pink colors with acrylic and pearl paints in this piece. The pearl paints give off a soft glow and sheen that reflects so beautifully.

I used the Dutch pour method where you use a blow dryer to move the paints around to the best composition. Then I use a straw and my mouth to blow and fine tune the paints. Sometimes, some of the colors get lost under other paints. That's when I choose to fine tune and blow with the straw to bring those colors to the surface.

This is truly a one if a kind painting due to the fact that colors mix differently every time you pour them and they mix together. That's the beauty of this form of art. This piece is sealed with resin.

*It is recommended not to hang your painting in a direct beam of sunlight due to possible UV damage or fading.

It is perfectly fine to hang in a sunlit room just no in the direct beam of the sun.

This painting can be hung on a wall, or you can put the painting on an easel to display.

I have given you a picture of inside the house with the lights on, though my home is a bit muted with light. The second video shows natural sunlight, which is more of what this piece looks like. You can even see the glow of the pearl paints when I'm moving it around.

**I guarantee all my paintings to be beautiful with vibrant colors.

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