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"Midnight Emotion" Painting/Lazy Susan

"Midnight Emotion" Painting/Lazy Susan

This is a 13"wood lazy susan that I have paint poured. I used the Dutch pour method, which is obtained by using a blow dryer to move the paints in a desirable configuration. I then used a straw and my mouth to tweak & blow a few areas to bring colors to the surface. This creation is made by me in my home studio. I sealed this lazy susan with resin.

This form of art can not be replicated by anyone. The paints flow together differently every time you pour them together. That's the beauty of this form of Art.

*Bonus: This lazy susan can be used for many uses, not just for the kitchen or dining room.

Customers have used them for scrabble family games, bedside table for glasses, water & retainer box, coffee table for remotes and drinks, used in the bathroom for make-up & perfume & under a puzzle board to swivel sides while putting it together. Last, you can also hang them on the wall as Art as well.

I use 2 of them. One is on my dining room table & one is on the wall. I use the 2nd one for the holidays when my lg family comes over. This allows a lazy susans on each end of the table for condiments, etc. No fighting, lol.

**I have you 2 photo's of the outside lighting, though there was no sun today & 2 pics of dimmer inside lighting. Both are beautiful, but as in life, light makes everything better.

I guarantee my paintings are vibrant & one of a kind. 🤗

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