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"Martigras" Alcohol Ink Lg Scented Candle SOLD

"Martigras" Alcohol Ink Lg Scented Candle SOLD

I have Alcohol inked this beautiful large Scented candle. It has 2 Wicks, it's that big.

When I saw this candle, I immediately knew what I wanted to do with it. I admit I get excited when I see something I envision and just have to do. Lol. 🤗 This item was a lengthy process to alcohol ink. Of course, at the time I didn't realize the struggle I would have trying to control the very thin inks on a rounded item. So the process had many touch-ups and time spent making it. The end product was gorgeous. I used 24kt gold liquid leaf to fill in each center of the flowers. The colors I used are martigras colors, hence the name.

I have spray varnished with UV resistant varnish 3 times.

**Do NOT wash in a sink or dishwasher. Just wipe off any dust or slightly moistened cloth.

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