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"Green Mambo" Lazy Susan  SOLD

"Green Mambo" Lazy Susan SOLD

14" x 1" thick wood paint poured lazy susan.

I have used the Dutch pour method, which is where you use a blow dryer to move the paint into the best composition that I think looks the best. I also use my mouth and a straw to fine tune and bring up colors that haven't surfaced.

It is a fine balance. The paints need to be a certain consistency to achieve the results you want. Blowing the paints too much, and you can curdle them or turn everything gray.

I have reached a level of skill level that I experimented & developed a process with paints that gives a real depth to the paints, making it look almost 3D.

I used dark blue, light pearl blue, which gives a bit of sparkle, a bit of dark purple peeking out here & there, many hues of greens and a yellow as the contrast color. Contrast colors are important as they bring out all the other colors.

I have sealed this piece with resin.

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