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11x14 professionally wrapped canvas. I have painted this abstract piece with the fluid art of pouring method. The painting is vibrant in many acrylic and metallic colors that have set this painting off and catches the eye of everyone who see's it. There is delicate lacing throughout this canvas. The painting is unique because any way you view this piece you are able to pick out features that are amazing. In one vertical view you can see a beautiful woman's profile with colorful flowing hair. In the horizontal view you can see a dolphin emerging from the sea, I found a sml red dragon also. That is the beauty of abstract art, sometimes unique features, creatures, even faces can appear in the ebb and flow of your paint pour. This causes so much conversation and interest of others who view your painting. My husband even suggested playing a game with your kids on how many things they can find in the painting. Endless fun.

Colors used: Jade, turquoise, light teal, magenta, cream, purple, orange, white, phtalo blue, true red and umber.

*This painting has been sealed with varnish.

**It is never recommended to place your painting in direct sunlight to prevent harmful UV rays and fading.

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